Asset Repurposing



We are experienced re-marketers of most industrial assets.

We will work with your organization to either help you market your assets to generate potential buyers, or if you are interested in immediate repurposing, we can purchase your assets outright.

If you are interested in an asset purchase, we are happy to place our bid, which will include convenient pickup and removal of your assets.



If your asset repurpose plan includes giving equipment to a charity to extend the asset’s life, and to help support the community, we can help.

Our coordination services include a chain of custody documentation and a data erasure process to ensure none of your corporate data is exposed. What’s more, We will ensure that assets reach their next destination in a clean state ready for use by the organization of your choice.

Our charitable giving coordination service is an end to end package that includes pick up at your facility, data cleansing, and ultimate delivery to the charity or organization of your choice.

In addition, we work closely with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), a non-profit that seeks to provide communities with the technical resources to recover after a disaster.